COMING SOON a book to leave you with tears of sadness and joy as Kate opens up the world of being Strong.

For many people we live our life following society’s rules, rather than doing what sings to our heart. We are taught from an early age to stop asking questions and start conforming. We strive to be the norm; not too low so we stand out as a trouble-maker and not too high so we stand out as exceptional. Society wants us to be average.

Being average isn’t a bad thing, there’s usually less demands put on us and we can cruise through the days, weeks and months with little ripples to disrupt this pattern.

But, life isn’t about counting the days off, it’s about counting the moments made.

In this book you will discover that magic doesn’t happen when you’re drifting and playing safe & being average. You may be living, but are you alive? In this book, you will learn that putting you first is the least selfish thing you can do, by focusing on your heart’s desire and going all-in for your dream job/life/relationship, you will not only fall back in love with what you’re doing, but you’ll have so much more to give to others too.

By the time you finish this book you’ll know that, just like Kate, you have sold-out on some of your dreams, but are now ready to start taking action, however nervous you may feel about that. Now is the time to start embracing the fear, that there’s nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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Kate gave a fabulous workshop for the Vegan Business Exchange on how to go from your 9-5 and turn your idea into a business. She provided great insights into both the personal and business development side of becoming an entrepreneur.

I highly recommend Kate as a speaker and facilitator - she has a great story and is super driven to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Sabrina L. - Vegan Business Exchange