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Read Kate’s book sharing the motivation beneath failure. And, hire Kate to speak at your next event to leave your audience inspired.

Kate has achieved many successes, and an equal number of failures, to connect with a diverse range of people. Kate’s unique story is that it is not unique: She was born to an ordinary family in an ordinary town in Wales. Anyone could have achieved what she did, but not many choose …
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Being Strong Book.
For many people we live our life following society’s rules, rather than doing what sings to our heart. We are taught from an early age to stop asking questions and start conforming. We strive to be the norm; not too low so we stand out as a trouble-maker and not too high so …
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Interviews with Kate.
If you're looking for some inspiration and motivation, listen to some past interviews with Kate Strong here: Alex Staniforth about Resilience during lockdown. https://youtu.be/MtvbZ3pGWpQ https://youtu.be/MtvbZ3pGWpQ Podcast interview with Peter Lewis about motivation, goal-setting and finding purpose. https://open.spotify.com/episode/2rjutRdJCX8h7o9yHRhc24?si=tVUztgVFQDqHU-abT55hOQ https://open.spotify.com/episode/2rjutRdJCX8h7o9yHRhc24?si=tVUztgVFQDqHU-abT55hOQ I explore how people can become more self aware, awake and able to lead an uncompromised life with Neil …
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Kate is an excellent Keynote Speaker. We had excellent feedback from attendees of her seminars at two recent Expo events that we organised. Kate has a fascinating profile of experience which piques people’s interest even before they’ve seen her; compelling subject matter on relevant, topical issues; great engagement with the audience, and she’s nice to work with. We’ve asked her to speak again at a future event. Can highly recommend.

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