My name is Kate Strong and I don’t believe in living a compromised life. From an early age, I set out to question everything and prove that living within society’s comfort zone doesn’t always create inspiring and extraordinary results.

My mission is to inspire and empower people just like you to step up and achieve what you know intuitively know you want. Add clarity, direction, a sense of purpose and methods to maintain your desire to move forward to achieve and live your dreams. 

Unlock your potential

Imagine living a life with no glass ceiling to cap your potential?

Whether you want to develop a profitable business that is positively impacting the world, or to take your own life to the next level, I can support you.

After graduating with a Double Masters in Mechanical Engineering in French and English, I chose to step away from ‘society’s tick-list lifestyle’ and create a life that would keep me thriving, not just existing.
From hiking some of the highest volcanoes in Central America to diving in the underground rivers of Mexico, I live life to the maximum.

Far too many people are living below their potential, in a state of discomfort; living for Friday afternoon and the next paycheque. Life doesn’t have to be like this: Live unreasonably and live with meaning!

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Breaking the Norm

It would have been too easy for me to get a ‘safe & secure’ job and settle down, but settling isn’t that comfortable. Instead, I decided to design a business and life that I would be excited to live. This led me to 9 years in Australia as owner & operator of multiple hospitality businesses and also discovering triathlon. Applying my ‘anything is possible’ attitude, I found myself on Team Australia and was age-group World Champion in long-distance triathlon in 2014 all off plant-based nutrition.

One question I’m asked regularly is “How?” How did I set such bold goals? How did I automate my business to give me time to train? How did I improve my and my team’s efficiency?
And I now answer these questions through my coaching and consulting, as well as guest speaker at events.

Global Focus

We are at an interesting point in history, where our actions will have profound impact on the world’s future. Our world is changing, it is up to us whether it is changing for the better, or worse.

I believe that business can be the pioneers of change in social and environmental issues while also preserving their profitability. And to put my money where my mouth is, my business is committed to achieving just that for my partners, clients and collaborators.

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"Went to a seminar yesterday held by Kate Strong and would really like to thank her for her inspiration and making me realise that putting yourself first for your own business isn't selfish! I've taken my first step and hope that I stay strong, great nutrition advice but epic life coaching advice! Thanks! "

Bethan - Female Entrepreneurs Expo, Cardiff