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The business world is evolving and it was about time that I kept up with this new shift in focus.

There has been a surge in companies and consumers becoming more green, ethical and stating that sustainability is important.

With this newfound passion, it also opens up more questions about:

  • What exactly does being a Sustainable Business mean?
  • How can companies still grow while also ensuring their footprint (both environmental and social) aren’t growing too?
  • Why should I care about being ‘greener’?
  • Is this just a short-term fad?

And, like most times when change is in the air, some elements of confusion and doubt can creep in.

This website has been designed with you in mind. To answer some questions about where the market trends are moving towards, what consumers and employees are expecting from the brands they interact with and also how we, as individuals, can adapt and deliver through this transition.

There are five main sections to the site:

STRONG Leaders:

This is designed for the individual in mind and offers coaching packages to suit your personal goals and needs.

Whether you’re looking to be a better leader for your company, or overcome your fears in taking the first step towards being self-employed, there is something to help you learn, accelerate and grow.

STRONG Culture:

Created with a business in mind, expand your current business capabilities using our proven 5-step process.

We ensure your business is more sustainability, more profitable and achieves more visibility.

This is accomplished through bespoke analysis, training and development combining a qualitative and quantitative frame for working within.

We also share current trends and ways to integrate these into your business through our regular blog.

STRONG Events:

After much demand, we’re bringing the online to offline meet-ups and events.

Join Team STRONG every month where we explore the intersection of business, sustainability and behaviorism.

In short, we get some positive, successful and proactive people in the same room to share their perspective on the current landscape.

STRONG Skills:

These courses have been designed based on proven techniques to elevate your game.

Designed for the individual who’s time-poor and hungry to keep learning, this flexible 24/7 online learning fits around your lifestyle while still supporting you in achieving your goals.


Hire Kate Strong as a keynote speaker or MC for your next event. Having worked with large organisations across the globe, she positively inspires her audience and ensures her client’s needs and message are met.

We also have a podcast where Kate Strong interviews global leaders & pioneers in the business and personal development arena. Listen to their journey and words of wisdom to discover how you too can expand your perception of what’s possible.

And, there’s also a book coming out soon – yet another way to keep the creative and inspirational juices flowing!

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The intention behind this website is to get you into positive action, regardless of where you are on your journey. The key is to start, be it with the podcast or elite coaching package.

And we welcome your feedback so please remember to get in touch and share what questions or ideas you may have with us!

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