The ideal coaching package to reboot your entrepreneurial journey

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and are unsure of the first steps, this is the ideal start to regain direction, control and peace of mind in your business and life.

“The first step always seems the hardest, but it is softened with a hand to hold”

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything you ‘need’ to have in place to move your business forward?

Are you too busy working in your business, that you are missing precious time with your family and loved ones? and, even when you’re with them, you can’t completely be with them?

Are there moments in your day when you wish you had a stronger foundation to your business; allowing you the capacity to earn more as well as have more balance in your life?

If you’ve answered yes to any/all of these questions, then this package is ideal for you. STARTUP is all about creating supportive structures that allow you to stop spreading yourself too thin, and start growing your business while also relaxing (or achieving personal goals!) outside of work too!

Feature Breakdown

Over one day, we sit down and have a complete deep-dive into what is important to you, what’s holding you back and how we can overcome any blocks that may be present. We’ll also create a roadmap for those actions putting you back in control of your time, and business.

What’s included:

  • One full day with Kate Strong, including lunch at a local & sustainable boutique restaurant
  • 60-minute follow-up call approx. 10 days’ later
  • Receive a 12-month plan for your business and personal goals
  • Create a bespoke Business Blueprint to grow your business to the next level (be this to support a financial goal, releasing time spent working in the business or you giving back sustainably to a cause close to your heart)

At the end of our TIME TOgether, you will:

  • Have a business blueprint to success
  • Be clear on your business purpose
  • Have clarity on how to overcome your concerns & limiting beliefs and start creating real results in your business & life
  • Gain clarity and a tangible action-plan for the direction of your business
  • Streamline your business so your time is creating maximum return for your business
  • Create simple-to-implement steps to regain peace of mind in your business
  • Receive bespoke templates to promote your business and delegate tasks (either through automation or to other team members)
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I just want to thank you for our coaching sessions. I was in a serious 'mental funk' and as a fellow coach, I was keeping it to myself... You were about to talk me off the ledge (not literal) and got me to refocus my priorities. For this and for your beautiful blend of strict & sweet, I thank you!

To anyone reading this - if you are considering Kate as your coach, please go ahead, it'll be the best investment you'll ever make.

Trevor B. - Author & Coach