“You can only create a different future by changing your current actions.”

Why stop at a mountain peak when the stars are the limit?!

This 12 month training programme is designed for pioneers, entrepreneurs and born leaders to make a difference in their life and contribution to the world.

Success isn’t one-dimensional, you need to develop physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual skills to create and maintain momentum.

I will support you in reprogramming your belief structures that are holding you back so you can be authentically you, and step up with ease in creating positive change in your life and around you.

I will share the tools, techniques and models that you need to accomplish your goals – be it to step up as a leader in the business world, or strive for greatness in your health, wellbeing and personal life.

I take on a strictly limited number of clients at any one time for this level of support.

12 months’ coaching: £8,000

Number of coaching client spaces available: 4

Ready to stop using excuses as the reason you’re not the leader you know you can be? Book a call with me below.

Note: The call is to answer any questions you may have as well as an opportunity for Kate to discern if now is the right time for you to be working together: Our 12-month partnership needs to work for both of us.

Feature Breakdown

12-months of deep work to remove the negative & unhelpful habits &  beliefs that are preventing you from stepping up and into your own power. We build on these strong foundations with a Master Plan to design the life, the business, the peace of mind and the pride you want, and deserve. 


  • Monthly Elite Coaching Calls with Kate Strong to elevate your game
  • 24/7 text access to Kate Strong (we give you her mobile number)
  • Shift in consciousness to step away from ‘ordinary’ and become the extra-ordinary leader that you know you are
  • Discover and design your personal life- and business-goals as well as your vision and values
  • Tangible actions and steps to take, ensuring you are moving towards your ideal life and goals
  • Entry to 2-day training “Peak Performance MasterClass”
  • 12-month access to Strong Mind MasterMind
  • Tailored training and tools for your personal needs


Book a Call With Kate.

Sign up with a FREE 15 minute call to discuss what you want to change in your life, and how to create it. This call is offered for committed individuals ready to take the first step, and to help you choose the right coaching package.


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Kate Strong is an amazing person. She can take anyone that wants to grow to their fullest ability, either in business or personal growth she excels. I highly recommend her as a business or personal coach. She is the real deal.

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