The essential community for everyone striving for more

Be a part of a community where you can learn, develop, grow and also create invaluable connections.

It is impossible to climb a mountain solo, or create a business alone. Every single successful person has a team behind them. This team may be employees, volunteers or a community that believes and supports you in achieving your dream.

Being a part of a community is vital for many reasons:
– Learn new skills
– Gain a fresh outlook on a problem or important topic
– Be supported through challenges and days that seem harder than others
– Have accountability to your greatness, not your excuses
– Create lifelong friendships and partnerships
– Achieve your goals faster, and so much more!

When we surround ourself with other positive and like-minded people, we all elevate our game and skillset to levels we cannot imagine!

“Surround yourself with people who reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel – energies are contagious!”

Join me, and many others at StrongMind Mastermind, a community that focuses on you achieving what’s most important to you without sacrificing today.

Feature Breakdown

Over one day, we sit down and have a complete deep-dive into what is important to you, what’s holding you back and how we can overcome any blocks that may be present. We’ll also create a roadmap for those actions putting you back in control of your time, and business.


  • Lifetime access to STRONG Community
  • Membership to our private booster groups to increase online reach
  • Deep-dive training to clarify your vision, goals and how to get in action (amongst many other topics)
  • Monthly LIVE training with Kate Strong
  • Monthly Q&A session with Kate Strong


  • Create a Blueprint to Success
  • Be clear on your business purpose
  • Have clarity on how to overcome your concerns & limiting beliefs and start creating real results in your business & life
  • Create connections to support you in achieving your goals
  • Learn valuable skills that you can apply in your life and business

Join for a monthly fee of £100
Cancel any time

Price: £100
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Kate Strong is an amazing person. She can take anyone that wants to grow to their fullest ability, either in business or personal growth she excels. I highly recommend her as a business or personal coach. She is the real deal.

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