“Once the root cause for resisting change is unearthed, you can create anything you can dream of!”

This 2-day MasterClass is the spring board to you overcoming your inner blocks, resistance and concerns about moving forward.

During theses 2 days, you will create a Master Plan for you to know what steps you need to take to create a positive, purpose-driven and successful company while also stepping up for you to be a bold, confident and heart-felt leader in your business and within your life.

You may have been on other courses, or had the support of a coach before, but you are still not in action and notice that you have blocks preventing you from making the changes you know you can do… These intensive 2 days will expand your self-awareness, remove any blocks that are present in your conscious or unconscious and also create an intentional action-plan for you to start making the changes you want to see today!

Spaces are limited to 20 people for the 2 days.

Price: £1,500
Location: Across the UK and coming soon to Australia & the USA

Book a call with Kate to express your interest.
NOTE: Spaces are strictly limited to people committed to making a positive and long-lasting change.
All participants are interviewed, by either Kate or one of her team, to ensure your questions are answered and we have like-minded people attending the event.

Feature Breakdown

These 2 days will enable you to step up and be the leader you know you are.

We will:

  • Remove & replace any limiting beliefs that are preventing your growth so your intuition will support you in stepping into action
  • Create a bespoke Strategic Master Plan for your goals
  • Unpack the action you need to take that will create the lifestyle and changes you want to see
  • Ensure you maintain balance in your life
  • Remove resistance and procrastination to wait so you become hungry to make changes
  • Understand and apply sustainable targets for your growth so you don’t get overwhelmed or yo-yo from success to fatigue

You will have:

  • Two full days (including a wholesome lunch both days) with Kate Strong
  • Annual Membership to a Private StrongMind MasterMind for 12 months
  • Personal workbook to understand your beliefs to have a solid foundation as well as the action required to build your high goals
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"Went to a seminar yesterday held by Kate Strong and would really like to thank her for her inspiration and making me realise that putting yourself first for your own business isn't selfish! I've taken my first step and hope that I stay strong, great nutrition advice but epic life coaching advice! Thanks! "

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