Discover what coaching package works for you.

Having someone is vital… their current situation.
Having a coach helps you accelerate in reaching your goals, allows you to see your bid spots that might be holding you back and also is that gentle nudge to step up and get what you want done.

Kate has received extensive training as a coach, and also demonstrates through her own success – in her business, fitness, relationships and spirituality – that she intuitively knows what is best for you to reach your goals AND ensure you enjoy the journey along the way.

Discover what coaching package works for you.

Start Up.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed and are unsure of the first steps, this is the ideal start to regain direction, control and peace of mind in your business and life.“The first step always seems the hardest, but it is softened with a hand to hold”Do you feel overwhelmed with everything you ‘need’ …
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This package is designed for business owners who’ve realised they’re busy working IN, rather than ON their company.“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together,.”If you’ve been trading for a few years and realise that your business is built around you; that if you stop working, …
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If you are ready to dramatically and rapidly scale your life and/or business, you need to shift out of your current patterns and habits and shift into a new gear.I can offer a custom-coaching package that fits into your business and personal needs.
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"Went to a seminar yesterday held by Kate Strong and would really like to thank her for her inspiration and making me realise that putting yourself first for your own business isn't selfish! I've taken my first step and hope that I stay strong, great nutrition advice but epic life coaching advice! Thanks! "

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