Discover what coaching package works for you.

You don’t *need* anything… but having a coach allows you to:
* Reach your goals quicker;
* See your bid spots that might be holding you back, and
* have that gentle nudge to step up and get what you want done.

I am not your typical coach. With 15+ years of experience running multiple companies as well as receiving extensive training in personal development & business growth, you get access to the tools, techniques, lessons and knowledge I have.

Working with me is akin to a partnership; I offer what you need at the time you need it. Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring… we choose what would help you the most and focus on the end result.

Discover what coaching package works for you.

Strong Mind Mastermind.
Be a part of a community where you can learn, develop, grow and also create invaluable connections. It is impossible to climb a mountain solo, or create a business alone. Every single successful person has a team behind them. This team may be employees, volunteers or a community that believes and …
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Peak Performance MasterClass.
This 2-day MasterClass is the spring board to you overcoming your inner blocks, resistance and concerns about moving forward. During theses 2 days, you will create a Master Plan for you to know what steps you need to take to create a positive, purpose-driven and successful company while also stepping up …
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To The Stars Coaching.
Why stop at a mountain peak when the stars are the limit?! This 12 month training programme is designed for pioneers, entrepreneurs and born leaders to make a difference in their life and contribution to the world. Success isn’t one-dimensional, you need to develop physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual skills to create …
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“We're delighted to have had Kate Strong breaking the Guinness World Record at our VegfestUK London 2016 event at Olympia London. Kate's determination and drive to succeed was there for all to see. She inspired plenty of our visitors with her talk and her 24 hour cycle ride, and she was living proof of the benefits of veganism that weekend. Well done Kate - you're a star!”

Alan - Vegfest London