“The Limitless Challenge is a feat demonstrating we are far greater than our current circumstances”

Join me as I embark on an adventure no individual has ever attempted before.

I am intending to be the first person in the world to:

– Cycle Race Across America (the world’s toughest road cycle race)
– Swim English Channel
– Summit Everest

All within 12-months.

I want to demonstrate that we can all live to a greater potential and have created a glass ceiling on what is truly possible for our lives and society. There is a way to excel and thrive in life while also having a positive impact.

By me taking on a challenge that no female has ever attempted, I intend to inspire others to ask the question:

“What else can I do?”.

Today, we need more people striving to prove the impossible is possible, that we can be greater than the current set of challenges we’re experiencing.

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Kate Strong is an amazing person. She can take anyone that wants to grow to their fullest ability, either in business or personal growth she excels. I highly recommend her as a business or personal coach. She is the real deal.

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