Driving Sustainability into all Organisations

In the not too distant future, every organization will be sustainable. William Richardson established Green Element in 2004 with a desire to help as many businesses as possible go ‘green’.

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A pioneer and early adopter of many now-mandatory environmental standards, his visionary approach, and inspiring leadership is exemplary.

Will’s attitude towards sustainability is that we are all on the same team, there are no competitors, or winners and losers.

This focus means that companies who might be offering similar services are seen as collaborators all championing the same cause. How refreshing!

And, if you are ready to take the first step towards being greener – be it in your personal life or organization – this podcast will enable you to see the first steps you need to take ensuring a sustainable and successful outcome for all.


Additional notes:

– Current board member and former Chairman of the Metropolitan Branch of CIWEM (Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management)

– Authored article for the Law Society’s Legal Sustainability Alliance: ‘Implementing an Environmental Management System’

– Presented paper as a guest speaker at Renewable Energy Conference for Hampshire County Council: ‘The Pros and Cons of Large Scale Wind Turbine Projects and the Concept of a Wind Turbine Co-operative’

– Runner-up in a national CIWEM competition, presenting a paper discussing car transportation: ‘Passenger Cars, CO2 emissions, and energy: What is the future?’

– Part-time lecturer at University of Brunel for MSc in Environmental Management for Business, specializing in ISO 14001


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