Kate’s Twist on… climbing your Everest (in health, in business & in your life)

It’s not uncommon to find out that high achievers are pushing the boundaries in more than one area in their life.

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These past 4 weeks, I’ve spoken with some pretty awesome guys. Each one of them has had a reason to stop, such as physical injuries sustained by Ross Tomkins Jeff Smith

And also the emotional reasons that Alex Staniforth and Gordon Burcham needed to address and overcome.

Yet, once they saw that the only limitation was their interpretation of what was happening, they could continue on their path.

You see, the goal wasn’t the summit of Everest, or the World Championship title, it was who they needed to become to even attempt this journey in the first place.

We can easily use our current circumstances, injuries, people bullying us… as a reason for us to stay small and not start. It isn’t easy or comfortable to break the constraints society and ‘reason’ impose on us. Yet, isn’t what we are looking for found outside our comfort zone? It’s the moments when we choose to step away from normality and being reasonable that we start feeling alive!

We can’t get to choose the challenges we face, but we can get to choose how we respond to those challenges.

It’s time we stepped up and started creating our future-life we want to live.

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