You were born to be great

I first met Gordon Burcham at 7 am before an event. He ran into the hotel lobby, rounded everyone within earshot up and got us all to do burpees and star jumps!

He didn’t care that I was wearing high heels, and neither did I because his energy was infectious!

Gordon’s worked through some personal hardships and is very open about what he did to overcome the challenges, as well as what he stopped doing to create the challenges in the first place!

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Gordon’s not shy to push himself past where other people might stop and give up – after earning his first black belt, he went on to win three consecutive World Titles against guys half his age!

Today, Gordon has been training, teaching, and working in the Martial Arts industry for nearly twenty-five years. And in 1998, in the midst of his competitive career, he launched his own dojo which still runs today.

After retiring from the competitions, he decided to focus more on helping others in the MA business while still running his club. Gordon’s trained with industry giants like Alfie Lewis and developed his street-smart business attitude working with several top business coaches.

He is now considered one of the foremost authorities on peak performance in the business-side of the MA industry.

He has proven his techniques work through the transformation in his own personal life, athletic career, and business as well as those of his coaching clients. Burcham teaches that success is the result of forming good habits and moving forward.

His is a real-life success story going from bullied school kid to earning multiple world titles, and his MA school is currently one of the most successful in the UK. Gordon loves self-development and helping others, enjoys travel and family time. He is now learning how to fly planes and pursuing a speaking career!

Until the episode, keep in positive action,

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