Do we need to choose between today & the future?

It’s been an eye-opening past four podcasts where we met four very inspirational and insightful people.

As you know I’m passionate about challenging the status quo and believe that there is a way for us to thrive and also do no harm to the environment and others. These four podcasts, I went on an exploration to discover if it was truly possible to have a profitable business that is leaving the world a little bit better.

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And I didn’t need to look very far. Both Matt Golding, Founder of Rubber Republic & Joss Ford, Founder of Enviral have positioned their companies to only promote and serve the green business.

Yet, what is a ‘green business’?

Far too often, we’re seeing companies using the word ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’, or changing their logo from red to green.

Yet, behind this fancy marketing and PR campaign, what is really happening?

And, not all companies are intentionally greenwashing their brand – being green is truly quite tricky and complicated to navigate around. Should they focus on their carbon footprint or fair wages in their supply chain? Or, maybe address where their business sources materials, or where their waste material ends up?

Being green isn’t a simple matter. And, being truly green requires focus, clarity, and awareness that it’s an ongoing journey. Michael Green, co-founder of Luna 9 Design understands the need to engage people with sometimes quite dry & technical information.

He helps communicate knowledge in a way that consumers want to receive it. Information shouldn’t be shared like we were reading a book; from start to finish. Being exposed to knowledge should be like a wandering walk in a forest: There is no right or wrong way to discover the environment, and regardless if I dash through in 10 minutes, or slowly contemplate my surroundings for hours, we are all taking in what we want… and being exposed to the wonderful trees!

Why not excite people with the knowledge, rather than force-feed them it?

And… in the process, why not also focus on making things beautiful? Alan Moore, from Beautiful Business, is doing just that because isn’t a beautiful business also a caring business? 

Beautiful design fails less, endures more and is rarely replaced. Beauty attracts people towards it. Beauty is the way to do business.

Today is the day to connect in a more heartfelt way with the way we buy, and sell, goods. By using love and compassion as the two things that drive our business decisions, we can start creating a ripple of positive change in this world we call home.

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