Can Creative communications solve the climate crisis?

Joss Ford may be young in years, but his vision for what humanity can do to save the world is timeless.

Joss founded Enviral to help communicate organizations social and environmental messages. This isn’t a time to ‘greenwash’ business action. It’s a time for fundamental changes in the way we connect and do business.

Joss did one of the hardest things any startup could do – he said “no” to working with some potential clients.

Why? Because he has values and principles that he ain’t going to break.

e14 jossford 300x300 - Can Creative communications solve the climate crisis?

“Companies that do good usually have a story to tell” – Joss Ford


Measuring impact (social/environmental behaviour change) rather than just profit, Joss shares why he likes to approach things, not as your usual communications agency and his beliefs around his personal contribution to preventing the climate crisis we’re all facing today.


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