Why making things a little simpler can help us all

Michael is the co-founder and Managing Director of Luna 9 – a Bristol-based design agency helping to make complex ideas easier to understand. Having started out as an Aardman animator and storyboarder, Michael always knew he wanted to build something from scratch.

Partnering with his close friend Owen Davies in 2018, they founded their start-up which has already helped organisations such as NHS England, Dyson and the World Health Organisation. It’s all about making things a little simpler.

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“There’s an experience of progress over a long period of time because we learn constantly from each other and each time, we’re getting better” – Michael Green

Use the marketing as a force for good – share stories who are pushing the boundaries (eg you want trainers = share stories about people overcoming issues to go running!)

Use the structures that exist and completely tearing them up so they’re being used for good.


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