The Limitless Challenge.

In June 2022, I’m embarking on The Limitless Challenge, an epic adventure that no person has ever attempted, all in a 12 month period! I will:

  • Cycle in Race Across America
  • Swim the English Channel
  • Summit Everest

I demonstrate that we can all live to a greater potential by removing the glass ceiling on what is truly possible for our lives and society.

We need more people to challenge what we are capable of, and believe that we can be greater than we are today.

By me – a 41 year old woman from an ordinary background – taking on this challenge, a path will be cleared for other women to rise up and step into their own potential.

It’s also important to have a more diverse range of role models and ‘disruptors’, proving that regardless of your age, gender, colour or background, we can all strive for greatness in our own lives.

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How I Train

I started my cycle training plan in January 2020 and have been cycling 3-5 times a week. I set up my Trek bike indoors on an Elite turbo trainer, and do most of my cycling from our spare bedroom/gym so can train regardless of the weather and lockdown restrictions.

My training is a mixture of long rides (up to 10-12 hours) and faster rides for 3-4 hours. I have a cycling coach who’s supporting me and keeping an eye on my power, cadence (number of pedal turns per minute), heart rate and speed. Together, we make sure I’m not burning myself out, and am on-track for the record.

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"Went to a seminar yesterday held by Kate Strong and would really like to thank her for her inspiration and making me realise that putting yourself first for your own business isn't selfish! I've taken my first step and hope that I stay strong, great nutrition advice but epic life coaching advice! Thanks! "

Bethan - Female Entrepreneurs Expo, Cardiff